App description:

Run pacer is an iPhone and Android application to help you with your running.

Step 1. Plan how long you want to take between waypoints on your running routes.
Step 2. Go out and run. Stick to the plan (or try to).

Run pacer does not use GPS:
Use your eyes to tell you where you are
Listen to run pacer to know where you should be.

Run pacer is ideal for use on the running track or on routes that you run often.

Features include:

Create as many routes as you want
Add as many waypoints as you like to each route
Adjust waypoints independently or together (waypoint anchor)
Record audio clips to play when you reach (or should have reached) each waypoint
Choose playlists from the music player to listen to while you run

Settings tab

The settings page allows you to set a number of options.

The Waypoint time delta setting controls the display and editing of waypoint times. If this option is on waypoint times are shown as the time difference from the previous waypoint (e.g. + 5.00). The order of the waypoints cannot be changed when Display time delta is on.

The Waypoint time inc. setting is used when new waypoints are added to a route. The time of the new waypoint is set to the time of the penultimate waypoint plus the value of the Waypoint time inc. setting.

The Playlist repeat and shuffle switches set the repeat and shuffle tracks options for the playing of the selected playlist.